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Brake Repairs in Burke, VA

The key to saving money on brake repair in Northern Virginia, is being aware of the signs your car needs brake repair and catching small problems early. With nearly a quarter century of expert automotive and brake repair in Burke, VA, the outstanding crew at Burke Centre Automotive has what you need to feel confident while you drive.

Car brakes are our only means of stopping a moving vehicle. Unlike comfort items like air conditioning, they need immediate attention, even after the most subtle signs appear that your car may need brake repair. High-tech diagnostics give us precision data about your vehicle braking system, so effective troubleshooting by a trusted Burke Centre Automotive ASE-certified mechanic results in timely, cost-effective, and critical brake repair.

Don’t wait until your driving safety is compromised. Visit Burke Centre Automotive right away if you experience any of these telltale signs that something may be wrong, and that your car needs brake repair:

  • Squeaking or grinding noises
  • The brakes are difficult to engage, requiring additional pedal pressure
  • The 12,000 mile or one year inspection point has passed
  • When you apply your car brakes they are slow to respond, or cause the car to pull or jerk to one side
  • Ground spotting means brake fluid may be leaking
  • Increased stopping distance or time
  • Brake pedal that is soft, or goes all the way – or nearly – to the floorboard of the car
  • Throbbing or pulsing in the brake pedal when stopping
  • Your vehicle dashboard Anti-lock brake system (ABS) warning light turns on

Better to be safe than sorry when driving safety is concerned. Trust your instincts when detecting signs your car needs brake repair, and head over to Burke Centre Automotive for all of your auto service needs.