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Emissions Inspections in Burke, VA

Although the Washington, D.C., metro area air quality has significantly improved since the Clean Air Act enacted in 1970, amendments to the law passed by Congress in 1990 require Virginia's Department of Environmental Quality (VA DEQ) to improve the vehicle emissions inspection program to enhance air quality and reduce damaging auto emissions.

Visit the Virginia DMV website and under "Online Services", click on "Vehicle Registration Renewal.” Enter your title number and the last four digits of your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), and follow the prompts. If you passed an emissions inspection a year ago during registration renewal, you will only be allowed a one year renewal without a new emissions inspection.

All local, state, and federal government vehicles registered or operated primarily in the Northern Virginia program area are subject to the emissions inspection program. You can easily pass your vehicle emissions inspection with pre-planning and regularly scheduled auto maintenance.

Qualified hybrid motor vehicles, those vehicles that are a model year less than 25 model years, and diesel-powered passenger vehicles with a model year of 1997 or newer are exempt from biennial emissions inspections. For more detailed information check the Virginia Legal Code or contact the auto emissions inspection experts at Burke Centre Automotive.