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Why Is My Exhaust So Loud?

Welcome, and thanks for visiting the Burke Centre Automotive Resource Center with video tips about vehicle maintenance to keep your car safe and at peak performance. Our goal is to help you make the best decision about car maintenance options to assure you, your family, and your passengers are safe...

The most common signs you have a threatening problem with your vehicle exhaust system include an ear-deafening noise, a mechanical rattling or vibration, and the obvious odor of deadly carbon monoxide gas. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms drive immediately to Burke Centre Automotive where our ASE-certified master mechanics, using state-of-the-art computerized diagnostic systems, will pinpoint the critical issues with your exhaust system and properly perform the necessary exhaust repairs.

Your vehicle exhaust system normally channels noxious gas combustion by-products, including toxic carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons, safely from the passenger cabin of your vehicle. Road impact and corrosive weather damage to your vehicle undercarriage over time can lead to exhaust leaks that trap harmful gases in your vehicle's cabin.

While some drivers are confident performing DIY auto diagnostics and minor repairs, most of us need help from a trusted automotive professional, especially when our health and safety is so dependant on a successful diagnostic-based resolution and corresponding exhaust repair. The highly-skilled team at Burke Centre Automotive is specially-trained to work on today’s sophisticated exhaust system technologies. Waste no time in having us inspect your exhaust system when you first notice the classic noise, rattling sound or the unmistakable smell of a leaking exhaust system. The automotive professionals at Burke Centre Automotive will accurately identify and repair your vehicle exhaust and have you safely back on the road in no time.