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Why is My Tire Wobbling?

Welcome, and thanks for visiting the Burke Centre Automotive Resource Center with video tips about vehicle maintenance to keep your car safe and at peak performance. Our goal is to help you make the best decision about car maintenance options to assure you, your family, and your passengers are safe...

Car tires are made by bonding together many layers of rubber and other materials. If your tires are improperly inflated or sustain damage from potholes, curbs, roadway construction or other driving hazards, a bulge, or bubble in the tire sidewall can develop. You may feel a wobbling sensation. This indicates a weak area where tire components are beginning to separate.

The true extent of the tire damage can easily go unnoticed, but be aware that one single impact event can cause wobbling, bulging and serious tire damage. Look for telltale tire scuff marks or wheel rim damage. A routine tire inspection by a reputable Burke Centre Automotive mechanic will expose any gashes or “bruising” hidden in the tire’s inner liner.

Often invisible or foolishly ignored, a bulging, wobbling tire continues to weaken, becoming more unstable as you drive. Symptoms can include reduced tire strength and rubber degradation accompanied by noticeable noise and vibration that ultimately lead to tire failure.

Consumer Reports notes that wobbling tires with bulges or blisters offer an early warning sign that a tire has sustained damage which could compromise your driving safety. If you see a bulge or blister on your tire sidewall, or experience a wobbling sensation while driving, head directly to Burke Centre Automotive. You can trust our ASE-certified master mechanics and technicians to replace that tire and get you safely back on the road in no time.